Caravane, a new collaborative project, was created by the Centre National de la Danse team. Caravane is a mobile CN D that works with local organisations and audiences in France and abroad. Caravane enables the CN D to travel to the French regions and abroad, enabling it to make its various resources – patrimonial, pedagogical, artistic and professional – available to local audiences and organisations.

Caravane Chicago

24 > 30.10 Chicago & Milwaukee, États-Unis

After Porto, Guanajuato, Mexico, Madrid or Taipei, Caravane will tour in the US.
Conceived with the cultural services of the general French consulate in Chicago, it will invest several cultural sites in the city. This Caravane is part of a special European moment, Between Gestures, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute, PACT Zollverein in Essen, to offer a broad programme of shows, performances, workshops, encounters and projections, aimed at students, young artists, professionals in the Midwest and the general public. The Caravane will start in Chicago and then will continue in Milwaukee with Noé Soulier, Trajal Harrell, Pol Pi, Ola Maciejewska, Elisabeth Lebovici.

Caravane Taipei

28.08 > 2.09.2018

As a prefiguration of Camping Asia, which will transfer the festival to Taipei in the autumn of 2019, Caravane Taipei is setting off to meet professional dancers, art schools, artists, and more generally the Asian professional community. In partnership with the “Tpac”, the Taipei Performing Arts Center, the CN D has conceived different phases of encounters, the presentation of projects, workshops, performances and projections, during the annual meeting of the ADAM, or Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance, an international network bringing together artists, programmers and institutions in the Asia-Pacific zone. With Mathilde Monnier, Ana Rita Teodoro, and the teams of the CN D.

Caravane Aurillac

27 > 29.09.2018

In the context of the Lyon Dance Biennale, the Caravan is moving to Aurillac, in partnership with La Manufacture, the publicly subsidised Théâtre Municipal d’Aurillac, the departmental council of Cantal, and the Drac Auvergne-Rhône Alpes. On the programme: a workshop for professional dancers, an encounter around dance professions, recommendations from dancers and companies, and training in the direction of players on the territory. And, for all, a show, an encounter, exhibitions, a practical amateur workshop and a giant yoga lesson. For this Caravan, Mathilde Monnier, Volmir Cordeiro, Marcela Santander Corvalán, and the teams of the CN D in Pantin and in Lyon, will be there to meet one and all in Aurillac.


Caravane Madrid

2 > 4.03
Teatros del Canal

Devised in association with the Teatros del Canal, this Caravane offers a programme of four workshops for professional dancers led by Noé Soulier, Volmir Cordeiro, Matthieu Doze, Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot, as well as discussions and a talk, titled ‘Timeline’, on dance training and finding a new career. There is also a workshop for non-professionals led by Mattieu Doze, as well as three performances: Mouvement sur Mouvement by Noé Soulier, L’oeil la bouche et le reste by Volmir Cordeiro and Gustavia by Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot. And specially for children, there’s a mini talk, Introduction à la Danse, followed by a practical workshop given by Marcela Santander Corvalán.


Caravane Pau

20 > 22.03
Festival Résonance(s) – Espaces Pluriels

For three days, Caravane is being hosted at Pau, at the Espaces Pluriels theatre, as part of the Résonance(s) festival. The programme includes a workshop for professional dancers by Mathilde Monnier, a workshop with practical exercises and an exchange of experiences involving professionals from the region, discussion about dance professions and professional advice for dancers, companies and conservatoire students, public outreach. Three dances will be performed: Haltérophile by Lorenzo De Angelis, Inês and Ciel by Volmir Cordeiro. The last will be followed by a screening, with carte blanche for Volmir Cordeiro, devised by the Nouvelle Cinémathèque de la Danse.


Caravane Mexico

23 > 25.10.2017
Festival Cervantino – Guanajuato

27 & 28.10.2017 UNAM – Mexico
30 & 31.10.2017 INBA / CEPRODAC – Mexico

- Repertoire workshop
- Workshops for amateurs
- Talk and practical workshop
De la danse au dessin à la danse
Talk by Mathilde Monnier and the illustrator François Olislaeger, followed by a practical workshop for amateurs
- Exhibition
- Screening
- Dance for all choreographed by Mathilde Monnier
- Talk Création, résidence, recherche : propositions à destination des danseurs By Aymar Crosnier


Caravane Porto

28 > 30.04.2017
Teatro Municipal do Porto, Festival DDD - Dias da Dança

Caravane, a unique project to foster cooperation, was created by Centre National de la Danse (France), a mobile CN D designed to interact with dance professionals and the public in France and abroad. Caravane enables CN D to go “beyond its doors”, to travel within the region and internationally. It makes all its activi- ties available to audiences and local dance professionals: patrimonial, pedagogic, artistic and professional. The first Caravane, created jointly with Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto Municipal Theatre), will be held from 28 to 30 of April 2017, at the Rivoli Theatre, during the start of Festival DDD – Dias da Dança (Days of Dance). During three days, artists, spectators, researchers, amateurs and professional dancers are invited to discover this event.

Festival DDD Dias da Dança