Caravane Taipei

28.08 > 02.09.18

Hakka Cultural Center Taipei

Caravane, a collaborative project, was created by the Centre national de la danse team. Caravane is a mobile CN D that works with local organisations and audiences in France and abroad. Caravane enables the CN D to travel to the French regions and abroad, enabling it to make its various resources – patrimonial, pedagogical, artistic and professional – available to local audiences and organisations.
After Porto, Guanajuato, Mexico, Pau & Madrid, Caravane is being hosted at Taipei. This Caravane offers for professional dancers a programme of workshops led by Mathilde Monnier, provides advices, professionals ressources and organises a talk, titled Timeline, on dance training and finding a new career. Performance, lecture, screening, exhibitions : a whole array of opportunities is also programmed for the wider audience to participate in Caravane alongside the dancers and professional artists.

CN D Centre national de la danse

Created in 1998 at the instigation of the Ministère de la Culture, it is a unique place that brings together all of the resources connected with dance. The CN D is unique and original in that it brings together in one establishment a broad range of activities for professionals, from dance training to artistic support and career advice and assistance, while also appealing to the general public. At the CN D, spectators, artists, researchers, amateurs and professionals can take an advantage of a myriad of opportunities and discover how the creation, dissemination, training and transmission of a heritage can form the heart of an ambitious and open project thanks to the diverse professions involved. The CN D is based in the Île-de-France, in Pantin, while the CN D in Lyon ensures its various missions are carried out in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.