A selection of structures active for dance take over the CN D and for performances, meetings, roundtables, screenings.

By initiating the Canal project, the CN D proposes to make its situation, resources and spaces available to the entire choreographic sector. During two days, the fourteen studios are invested by cultural institutions invited within the various national labels (CCN, CDCN, conventioned and national scenes, festivals...). Since 2020, Canal also invites international structures, this year it is Switzerland that is honored. The idea is unifying: to offer in a common space-time a new visibility to their projects and the artists they support. The programming and the proposed forms are left to the free choice of each structure: short extracts, screenings, oral presentations... The creative projects can be presented at different moments of their journey: in the process of being sketched out or in search of means of production or even finalized and in search of distribution. These spaces become an opportunity for exchange between the artists supported and the professional audience (supervisors, programmers, administrators...). Because the professional milieu is not limited to programming alone, numerous activities are proposed outside the studios during the two days in order to circulate the word between the different professions - administrative, artistic or institutional - and to question together the problems linked to the professional federation and the visibility of projects on a national and international scale.