29.08.18 — 10:30

Hakka Cultural Center Taipei

Aymar Crosnier, Deputy Director General of the CN D

From training to retraining, the career path of a dancer is long and varied. The career pathway of each artiste will feature a plethora of training, professional opportunities, residential programmes, and maybe even retraining. This conference will give a glimpse of the various possible options open to a dancer.

Born in Venezuela , Aymar Crosnier studied in the United States and in France. Graduated with a Master in Management and Cultural Management at the University of Burgundy, his career will be in Italy and in France. National Theatre of Dijon (administrator and curator), the Multidisciplinary Theatre of Macon (dance and theatre curator), the National Centre of Contemporary Dance in Angers (Deputy Director, Programming dance season and residences).
In January 2014 he will arrive with Mathilde Monnier to the Centre National de la Danse as General Deputy Director and responsable of curating the danse season, residencies and the international projects.