Your teacher, please

Ana Rita Teodoro

31.08.18 — 15:30

Hakka Cultural Center Taipei

An enthusiast about butô, which is one of the main influences on her work, Ana Rita Teodoro has intensified her artistic and socio-historic investigations, in particular during a research project at the Kazuo Ôno Dance Studio between 2015 and 2017. The talk Your teacher, please bears witness to this experience, by focusing on the special teaching from Yoshito Ôno that she received. With no particular model, given that the founders Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ôno did not devise a sys- tem of transmission, the apprenticeship of butô is reinvented on each occasion by its masters. Illustrated by moments of dance, which describe processes and methods as observed by the choreographer, the talk aims to plunge the audience into the heart of Japanese studios and reconstitute their atmosphere. It will also help to deconstruct the stubborn prejudices about this little-known genre, which is too easily reduced to the ghostly figures of its performers or the slowness of
its execution.