La Ribot

Se Vende – Partie II

La Ribot, Carnets de création
La Ribot, Carnets de création

05.10 > 16.11.19

CN D Pantin

An exhibition in two parts, at the Centre Pompidou from 14th to 23rd September, then at the CN D, Se Vende brings together in Pantin videos that approach performance from its margins: FILM NOIR, a homage to extras, and Scène-Fiction, which unveils the background of a creation. This performative approach to language can also be found in her notebooks, drafted between 1985 and 2018, in which notation, conception and drawings create a resolutely active writing. Finally, the installation Laughing Hole, presented thanks to a partnership with the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, extends the performance of the same name and invades one of the studios of the CN D.