La Ribot

Laughing Hole

© Neyda Paredes
© Neyda Paredes

05.10.19 — 15:00

CN D Pantin

The most committed piece by La Ribot against the cynicism of the West, Laughing Hole (2006) stages three performers who sort and display hundreds of cardboard placards, on the surface of which words ring out like a series of uppercuts. In an articulation between politics and poetry, the piece conveys the choreographer’s anger at the inhumanity of Guantanamo prison and the indecency of its treatment in the media. Falling and rising on the one hand, nervous obsessive laughter on the other, from the central motifs of this engaged work which responds to the violence of actions with the power of images. Set up as an installation presented during a month at the CN D, the piece forms a natural extension of La Ribot’s artistic corpus.