The health information course looks at the health factors that professionals have to take account of in order to enjoy a long career. There are two two-day sessions, each one centred on a particular theme. They consist of a talk for improving knowledge and a workshop for experimenting with and devising your own health toolbox.

Rendez-vous santé

The health information programmes cover the main health issues faced by dance professionals and what they need to do to have long careers.
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Fiches pratiques santé

The practical health sheets focus on a number of areas. They provide information about better prevention and suggest treatments and ways of recuperating. They also offer dancers information about continuing education programmes for those interested in developing a new career.
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Capsules santé

To help dancers with resuming their activities, le CN D has gathered advice from doctors and specialists in a few videos designed as a toolbox.
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Dance and Health international forum, Forum international Danse et Santé, health sheets
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