Auditions and job offers

Job offers

On this page you'll find job offers, updated every Tuesday, classified into four categories:

Auditions for choreographic artists
Jobs for dance teachers in the private sector (associations, commercial companies, etc.)
Jobs for dance teachers in the public sector (civil service)
Other jobs in the choreographic sector

Support and information on careers, integration and career transition

The Professional Resources team can help you write or update your CV, build your digital identity, prepare for an audition, take part in continuing education courses and help you plan a career change.

Notice to employers!

If you would like to advertise a job vacancy, please complete the following form:
For publication on Tuesday morning, the deadline for submission is 12:00 on Monday.

Useful information

CN D only publishes job offers related to the choreographic sector, for salaried positions.
The information collected is processed and posted online on the CN D website. CN D will not publish job offers that do not comply with employment law: it checks the accuracy of the information it receives before publishing it. However, the CN D cannot be held responsible if employers fail to comply with the content of job offers.