Artistic creation and heritage, research and education, publication of key works and transmission of knowledge. Through various series and nearly 60 works either published or forthcoming, the publications department of the Centre National de la Danse attempts to shed light on little-known careers, important figures and aspects of the art of choreography. It also makes reference books available and enables the CN D’s to extend its activities in the fields of dance culture and training in book form. 

Artistic and cultural education

The CN D’s Pôle Ressources (resource centre) for outreach and artistic and cultural education in dance works simultaneously at a local and national level. The artistic and cultural education centre brings together different approaches and experiments with a wide range of practices, creating spaces for coming people to come together and exchange ideas.

Training and education

Aimed at professionals, regular training for dancers is available in two forms: a technical course in the morning and workshops / master classes scattered throughout the season. These workshops provide a chance to discover a style, explore an approach or creative process, or an artist’s unique world.

Media library and collections

The CN D’s Media library offers a wide range of multilingual resources devoted to the art of choreography and dance techniques and practices. It is aimed at amateur and dance enthusiasts, as well as researchers and professionals.

Nouvelle cinémathèque de la danse

The new dance film library organises programmes to request for partners in France and abroad, ranging from complete films to special montages of extracts that can be adapted to all programmes. Numerous theatres, choreography centres, festivals, cinemas and cultural centres around the world are showing images from the CN D’s collections this year, either as a one-off event, or linked to a programme, or as part of a more regular collaboration.

Research and choreographic directories

The CN D supports and accompanies research into dance, creating resources, helping PhD students, researchers and notators create networks, knowledge about and making use of choreographic directories.

Residencies for creation, experimentation and research, laboratory

Throughout the year, the CN D offers dance companies residencies for creation, experimentation and research. This programme provides special access to the CN D’s studios and its various activities and resources (mediatheque, professional resources, invitation to regular training training, networking). Some residencies qualify for production support and/or the use of the CN D’s studios. Projects are selected by a residency committee that meets twice in every season. Gisèle Vienne is now associated artist of the CN D for 2021 and 2022. She has access to spaces, resources and assistance in order to bring to fruition her creative projects. She accompany the CN D in every sphere of its activities: publications, training, artistic and cultural education, programming.

Professional Resources

The Professional Resources are evolving to reflect changes in the dance sector. A new co-working space has been created, together with activities and services aimed at providing information on how the sector is organised and financed, jobs, professions and careers, as well as the law as it pertains to dance and health. The CN D offers expert staff, work spaces, opportunities to meet and exchange, a variety of tools and, more broadly, a network of partners across the region, country and world.