From roots to creation. Berber dance and traditional rhythms for reinvented movement

Filipe Lourenço
& Nuri

03 > 07.06.24

CN D Pantin

Filipe Lourenço proposes to combine movement and musicality by exploring the origins and basics of a traditional dance practiced by Berber tribes, the Tizwit dance, in order to understand its essence and artistic scope. Guided by musician Nuri, the dancers will start by practicing rhythmic work using percussion instruments, before discovering the unique movements of this dance. These learning sessions will then be linked to the choreographic approaches and research of Filipe Lourenço's next creation. Bringing traditional dances into dialogue with the contemporary register will open up countless creative horizons, linking two eras in a common dynamic. The work will combine rhythm, dance and composition to project itself into a new choreographic register.