People with disabilities

Culture Resources
(non exhaustive list)

Ministry of Culture

Contacts, news, practical information and online resources.
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For an accessible artistic education
Dance, music, theater.
Practical guide, collection " Culture et Handicap ",
published by the Ministry of Culture (October 2020)
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National resource center for the accessibility of leisure and culture

Dance and disability. For an accessibility of the choreographic practices
Collection " cahiers de la pédagogie ",
co-edition : CN D - Cemaforre

Three volumes have been published: Danse et handicap visuel (2014), Danse et handicap moteur (2015), Danse et handicap auditif (2016).
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National Center for Adapted Creation

The National Center for Adapted Creation aims to work on the accompaniment of artistic gestures made by people with disabilities, fragility and the development of experimentation and research around these practices.
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Training/Employment Resources

Association for the Management of the Fund for the Professional Integration of Disabled People (Agefiph)

+ 33 (0)800 11 10 09 (free)

Ile-de-France Regional Delegation
24/28 Villa Baudran - 21/37 rue de Stalingrad
Immeuble Le Baudran
94110 Arcueil

Rhône-Alpes delegation
Parc d'Affaires de Saint-Hubert
33 Rue Saint Théobald
38080 L'Isle d'Abeau

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Departmental house for disabled people

Helping disabled people with their procedures.
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