La Danse contemporaine en questions

The training aid La danse contemporaine en questions includes a set of 12 posters that can be hung up and an educational booklet, making it a comprehensive tool accessible to all.

What is “contemporary dance”? Used for the past 30 years, this term refers to a number of choreographic creations and approaches. Behind the diversity and profusion of forms, this new publication allows us to understand the world of contemporary dance using texts, images and videos.

This set of 12 posters addresses key-concepts, based on to the following themes: What body? What show? What movement? What creative process? What technique? What link with the world? What links with other forms of art? What life for the works? A contemporary dance?

An educational booklet intended for teachers involved in dance projects and cultural mediator is provided with the posters. It sets out the theoretical issues and includes references to the significant works in the recent history of dance. It also refers the reader to a selection of videos organised thematically, available online at or that can be watched in the CN D media library.
A complementary timeline and 4 examples of body experimentation workshops are provided at the end of the book.