State diploma for dance teachers

The training for the state diploma for dance teachers (classical, contemporary and jazz options) aims to prepare dancers to become dance teachers.

The state diploma for dance teachers is obligatory in order to teach classical, contemporary and jazz dance (law of 10 July 1989). This training course prepares participants for teaching dance. It enables participants to acquire an ability to transmit the art of dance. Participants must master learning processes according to age and level of pupils, an understanding of educational progression, the relationship between dance and music, analysis of the body in dance movement, and ideas about transmitting physical and artistic technique. In addition, it covers practical training by recreating typical situations.



Classical, contemporary and jazz dance at the CN D in Pantin.
Contemporary dance at the CN D in Lyon.


Who it’s aimed at

Professional dancers who are not required to take the technical aptitude exam and who have the equivalent of the first three credits for the state diploma for dance teachers. The training booklet mentioning these equivalents can be obtained from the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC), in accordance with the law of 10 July 1989.


Number of participants

18 per option at the CN D Pantin and 15 per option at the CN D Lyon.
Completed applications are assessed in order of arrival and according to the number of places available.



400 hours


Participants in Pantin and Lyon

Cédric Andrieux, Sophie Ardillon, Silvia Baggio, Douglas Becker, Françoise Bénet, Samuela Berdah, Sophie Billy, Marie Blaise, Bruno Blanche, Agnès Bretel, Stéphanie Brun, Violette Bruyneel, Jacqueline Challet-Haas, Deborah Diouf, Clotilde Duhamel, Frédéric Escoffier, Roberto Espinoza, Emmanuelle Fauchois, Carla Frison, Virginie Garandeau, Marie-Christine Gheorghiu, Gwendal Giguelay, Robert Girerd, David Gore, Emmanuel Gradt, Daniel Housset, Atanas Kaitchev, Christine Klepal, Patricia Karagozian, Martin Kravitz, Florence Lebailly, Anne Le Goas, Christine Lentheric, Carlo Locatelli, Emmanuelle Lyon, Albane Moreau, Jean-Philippe Moreau, Priscilla Newell, Stéphanie Nguyen, Jean-Luc Pacaud, Stefania Pavan, Maryann Perrone, Raphaëlle Petitperrin, Morton Potash, Florence Poudru, Geneviève Reynaud, David Rivière, Marina Rocco, Sherry Sable, Keiko Sainthorant, Sonia Schoonejans, Nathalie Schulmann, Eliane Seguin, Jean-Noël Siret, Christiane Sturnik, Oli Speers, Cécile Theil-Mourad, Albert Tovi, Magali Verin...




The team

Head of training: Alice Rodelet, assisted by Marina Rocco
Coordination classical dance: Anne Le Goas
Coordination contemporary dance: Keiko Sainthorant and Marina Rocco
Coordination jazz dance: Daniel Housset


12.11.2018 > 15.03.2019
23.04 > 3.05.2019



Head of training: Yoann Devun
Educational advisor: Benoit Caussé 


3.06 > 26.07 & 19.08 > 20.09.2019
7 > 11.10.2019