Creation residences

Companies hosted in creation residences have preferential access to the CN D studios and to the various activities and/or resources of the CN D (media library, work resources, invitation to the dancers’ regular training, networking, etc.).
They receive an allowance for pieces created in co-production.
While in residence, companies can be provided with technical assistance and/or accommodation in the CN D depending on availability.
As part of their creation residence companies who wish to do so can organise a professional presentation subject to the CN D’s agreement.
These presentations are widely communicated to the CN D audience.
Some of the projects part of creation residences are then scheduled in the CN D.

Artists welcomed in 2019/2020 at CN D in Pantin

Anne-Sophie Turion & Jeanne Moynot, Catarina Miranda, Claudia Triozzi, Gerard & Kelly, Katerina Andreou, Lenio Kaklea, Volmir Cordeiro

Artists welcomed in 2019/2020 at CN D in Lyon

Malika Djardi

Artists welcomed in 2018/2019 at CN D in Pantin

Ana Rita Teodoro, Ayse Orhon, Bryan Campbell, Claudia Triozzi & Xavier Bousillon, Daniel Larrieu, François Chaignaud & MP Brébant, Le Zerep, Lenio Kaklea, Lorenzo de Angelis et Wagner Schwartz, Marcela Santander Corvalan, Marco Berrettini, Michelle Moura, Noé Soulier, Pol Pi, Pauline Le Boulba , Robyn Orlin et Emmanuel Eggermont, Volmir Cordeiro, Xavier Le Roy

Artists welcomed in 2019/2020 at CN D in Lyon

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