Creation residences

Companies hosted in creation residences have preferential access to the CN D studios and to the various activities and/or resources of the CN D (media library, work resources, invitation to the dancers’ regular training, networking, etc.).
They receive an allowance for pieces created in co-production.
While in residence, companies can be provided with technical assistance and/or accommodation in the CN D depending on availability.
As part of their creation residence companies who wish to do so can organise a professional presentation subject to the CN D’s agreement.
These presentations are widely communicated to the CN D audience.
Some of the projects part of creation residences are then scheduled in the CN D.

How to apply

The selection committee meets twice a season to study applications for residences according to the following schedule:

October Committee: submission of applications by 1st of September
Period studied: current season (January to August)

April Committee: submission of applications by 1st of March
Period studied: next season (September to April)

The files - comprising the application form and a production budget - must be sent to within the deadlines specified above. Any file incomplete or sent after the deadline, will not be studied.