Assemblé invites local residents to investigate the dances that run through their lives and create a new dance together. This season, 3 groups are getting together every month to embark on this adventure. The 1 km de danse dance festival in Pantin in May 2024 will be an opportunity to share the collective creations of the participants.

With the Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis and the cultural, social and community structures of Pantin, Bobigny and Romainville.


From October to December, times of discovery of the project with workshops led by artists and mediators and times of discussion around dance, festive events, performances and meeting times are organised to invite as many inhabitants as possible to participate in Assemblé.

Investigating and creating

In order to encourage immersion in the project, the workshops take place on Friday evenings and Saturday days, once or twice a month, from January to May.

Initially, the participants investigate the dances, share choreographic and mediation practices, and enjoy more informal meetings such as group lunches. Cultural outings are also organised and punctuate the project.
In a second phase, a creative process unfolds. From the dances, gestures and movements shared, the group creates a new dance. This involves searching, questioning, making choices and accepting to lose oneself a little sometimes!


The collective creation is presented during 1 km de danse, a dance festival in Pantin.