1KM de danse

A dance festival in Pantin: a day-long event to place dance at the heart of the city Canal de l’Ourcq, from CN D to the Place de la Pointe.

Un kilomètre de danse is a festive day that brings together the people of Pantin around dance: a unique platform for the transmission of heritage and artistic exploration, this veritable festival of dance is intended to get as many people as possible to “dance together”. The first edition will take place along the Ourcq canal with a programme of workshops, performances, a ball and a closing DJ set. Based on the principle that each person is the bearer of a cultural identity, including their physical identity, the objective is to build from each individual’s dance towards the collective. The principle is based not on the idea that we are bringing dance to the people but that we are starting from the residents and artists present in the city to reveal their dances and transmit them, thus sharing them and fostering mutual enrichment. The wealth of this shared otherness and respect for cultural rights are the values that run through the event. Featuring multiple social groups and diverse geographical origins, this city-wide event showcases multiple traditions and cultures. 
Let yourself by surprised by dance events in public space or take your first dance step: everything is possible on this day.