Olympiade culturelle

When Paris was designated the Olympic city for 2024, eight performing arts institutions in Seine-Saint-Denis, including the CN D, decided to form a collective.

The collective La beauté du geste

The collective La beauté du geste joined together to imagine what the Cultural Olympiad could be: an artistic, festive and unifying event, combined with a profound reflection on the changes that we need to make in this region.

These eight places, united in the collective La Beauté du Geste, are now combining their energy to organise a large parade in  23 th june 2024  which will be built from September 2022 onwards through a long participatory process.

These long-term artistic projects will eventually form the different segments of the parade titled On ne va pas se défiler, which will be made up of more than 1200 young people. Each segment will be unique, resulting from commissions given by the members of La Beauté du Geste to artists and imagined in close collaboration with the inhabitants. This parade will represent the creativity, diversity and solidarity of the youth of Seine-Saint-Denis.


Marco Berrettini's proposal
Labyrinth 2.0

The Centre national de la danse has chosen to invite the choreographer Marco Berrettini to produce his segment, in view of his interest in sports performance in the dance and his approach to integrating popular dances into contemporary creation. Marco Berrettini is a choreographer who is able to bring the sporting dimension to life in a poetic and playful gesture.

Labyrinthe 2.0 is a choreography conceived for movement in urban space. The central part of the project is the scenography, even before the choreographic content is deployed. The scenographer Bruno Faucher, who is accompanying Bruno Berrettini, is building a labyrinth of moving green hedges, which will punctuate the wandering of the dancers in search of the exit. They will have actions to perform, such as playing ping-pong, jumping over the hurdles, and performing sporting gestures related to the Olympic Games.