Social Field and Territory


IMAGINE is a programme around the notions of care and the female body in society, as well as its representations, aimed at women in the Seine Saint-Denis. IMAGINE is being deployed in 4 towns, with 4 groups of women, 4 choreographers and 4 mediators. Mornings are devoted to practice with a choreographer. While the afternoons are made up of interventions which vary according to the town in question: facecare, a visit to a museum, readings around the history of self-care, workshop on the practices of Feldenkrais or Tai Chi, an analysis of photographs of women… These practices – choreographic, ritual, sensorial, culinary, spectatorial etc. – are part of a collective process aimed at examining and testing out these notions.
IMAGINE is based on a close contact with the territory and creates a space so that women of different ages, backgrounds and social statuses, but living in the same town, can meet up. It brings into play the body, as well as the narratives and relationships through which women invent the ways they occupy space and make themselves visible, over and above in this project. Taking care of yourself is a way to grab hold of the world’s concerns. By creating this community of women and individuals, during a special long-term period, the point is to shift, transform and enrich our knowledge and respective representations.


Living together

As a member of the “Living Together” mission and a signatory of the charter for the reception of the socially affected drawn up in 2009, the CN D is attached to favouring the work of relays in the social sector by offering tailormade projects.
The “Living Together” mission, launched in 2003 by the Ministry of Culture, brings together different cultural institutions so as to act against exclusion from the world of culture. This set-up aims at the mutualisation of resources and contacts: a shared trimonthly letter allows the CN D and its partners to communicate about their programmes and discovery-visits or the training courses which are regularly offered in the relays.


Persons in situation of disability

The CN D pays close attention to one and all, and struggles against all forms of exclusion from the world of culture. Hosting groups all year long and constructing projects while adapting to each person’s particularities is a priority.
In partnership with Cemaforre, the national centre of resources for the accessibility of leisure and culture, the department in charge of CN D publications is bringing out pedagogical booklets about dance and handicap.