Schools and extra-curricular activities

Discovering dances and their histories, encountering works and artists, questioning dance and its relationship with the world are steps placed at the centre of the actions offered to school and extracurricular groups.


As a mediation project, Constellation explores and examines the body through a poetic, sensorial and experimental approach, aimed at children and adolescents from medical and social schools and bodies in Seine-Saint-Denis. Twelve groups set off all year on an exploration lasting ten days at the CN D and in partner structures. This is a voyage with plural practices: choreographic workshops, mediation, shows, exhibitions and scientific talks about anatomy and the representations of bodies throughout history, a familial workshop and, to close the journey, a week of encounters between the participatory groups. Constellation is thus a territory for a research project about the practices of dance transmission. A resource kit is built up by each player in the project and makes for a tool set to be shared with all the professionals involved in dance mediation.

Caravane Kids / teens

Caravane Kids is a mini CN D going out to meet students and teachers from a primary or junior high school. Over one day, the CN D arrives in an establishment to help them discover dance in all its forms. A team made up of artists, theorists and mediators invests all the places in the establishment with projections of dance films, displays of archive documents, as well as writing, listening and choreographic workshops. Each class approaches this dance project through four actions: looking – writing – listening – moving. The day finishes with a ball for one and all as well as a shared nap.

Sharing the backstage

A day devoted to high-school children about different facets of the cultural professions, thanks to encounters with the professionals who constitute the teams of the CN D: professions that may be technical, in production, communication, professional resources, mediation, documentation, publishing etc.

Dance options

The CN D reserves a special welcome to students taking dance and art-dance options in the establishments of the Paris region and across France. Corresponding with educational programmes and at the service of schemes devised by teachers, the CN D makes available its resources for projects of various sorts: practice workshops, research time in the media centre, encounters with artists and researchers, shows, etc.

Daytime shows

Shows are presented to the general public during the daytime.



Art Dance Options in High Schools

A series of workshops and encounters about choreographic culture are being initiated and accompanied by the CN D in Lyon, rounded off by a selection of shows put on by the Maison de la Danse. All year long, the students will familiarise themselves with the experiences and influences of Pina Bausch, Trisha Brown, Merce Cunningham or those of the Compagnie Maguy Marin.

Can’t, Got a Ball on

A cycle of workshops dealing with choreographic practice.
By the ÈS Collective, in creative residency at the CN D.
In partnership with the Condé state elementary school, Lyon 2.

Can’t, Got a Ball on will be constructed thanks to the children’s inventiveness and take place under their guidance. With the help of the ÈS Collective for the preparation, the children will orchestrate this ball addressed at one and all. They will invent a dance of action and the imaginary, with sound landscapes created specially by Christophe Millot. Can’t got a ball on, or when children take the role of “dance masters” for their parents and the other children at the school.