The project

A unique site in the service of dance

As a public establishment, founded thanks to the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the CN D brings together all of the resources aimed at the sector of choreography and its publics. It accompanies and trains professional dancers, enhances amateur practice, assists research, conserves and distributes choreographic heritage, supports the creation of choreographic works in all their diversity and dialogues with other artistic fields.

A team in the service of one and all

The expert, accessible teams of the departments of the CN D develop resources, transmit knowhow and knowledge, accompany professionals, amateurs and creative artists, while also dialoguing with the sector and the public in an exploratory dynamic so as to assist in the development of dance in the best possible way.

Central and welcoming

Firmly based in Pantin, in the outskirts of Paris, as well as in Lyon and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the premises of the CN D are genuine agorae that federate and favour exchanges.

International and nomadic

The CN D is open to the world and present both on the international scene and in France, reaching out to one and all through its innovative, mobile schemes.

In movement

Being both a pioneer and a repository of the memory of dance, the CN D constructs a common space, while developing and encouraging initiatives. It is in motion alongside artists, professionals and publics.