Constellation is an artistic and cultural education scheme that explores and examines the body through a poetic, sensorial and experimental approach, with children and teenagers from schools and health and social bodies. This scheme, based in Seine-Saint-Denis, is launching its third year in 2020/2021 and inviting the cultural partners of the CN D to try out the methodologies, practices and outreach tools that have been elaborated over the past two years.

In this digital age, in a society assailed by virtual, stereotypical, smooth bodies, constructing your own childhood and adolescence can become awkward. Far away from a magnified selfie or virtualised exchanges, Constellation puts forward dance as a way to reinvent and enrich your relationship with yourself and with others, to broaden your perceptual capacities and awaken your imaginary. The practice of dancing, which is multiple and deeply tinged with a variety of somatic techniques, provides for a sensorial way of thinking, a bodily practice experienced as an organic and reflexive material able to open and deploy perceptions of the self, of others and of the world.

Twelve groups will set off over one year on a ten-day exploratory quest at the CN D and with its partners. This will be journey including multiple practices: choreographic workshops, outreach workshops, two dance shows, two talks about anatomy and depictions of the body throughout history, a family workshop and, to conclude the adventure, a week of encounters between the groups of participants.

Constellation is a scheme that brings together a community of professionals with various skills to examine our transmission practices. Periods of co-moderation with different artists, teachers / guides and mediators, regular exchanges and three meetings with all the professionals involved are an integral part of the scheme. Constellation is thus a territory for a research project into the transmission practices of dance.

For the third edition of Constellation, an invitation to two cultural partners will allow the scheme to be tested out in new contexts and to refine the tools that have been developed so as they can be made suitable to all artistic and cultural educational contexts.

Constellation #1 participants
Artists: Johan Amselem, Aurélie Armellini & Aude Le Bihan, Bruno Benne & Adeline Lerme, Pauline Brun, Clarisse Chanel, Aurore Del Pino, Massimo Fusco, Sylvère Lamotte, Calixto Neto

Groups: PANTIN École maternelle La Marine, Écoles élémentaires Charles Auray, Marcel Cachin, Georges Brassens, Sadi Carnot, Centre de loisirs Siloé et Brassens ; LA COURNEUVE École élémentaire Jules Vallès ; DRANCY Collège Paul Bert ; BONDY Collège Pierre Brossolette ; BOBIGNY Collège République, Lycée André Sabatier ; PARIS Lycée Turgot, Centre d'Hébergement d'Urgence Emmaüs Solidarité Jean Quarré ; AUBERVILLIERS IME Romain Rolland

Constellation #2 participants
Artists: Aurélie Armellini & Aude Le Bihan, Bruno Benne & Adeline Lerme, Pauline Brun, Jonas Chéreau, Julie Gouju, Marcela Santander

Groups: PANTIN École maternelle La Marine, Écoles élémentaires Josephine Baker et Cachin ; BOBIGNY Lycée André Sabatier ; AUBERVILLIERS IMP Romain Rolland ; DRANCY Collèges Liberté et Paul Bert ; NOISY-LE-GRAND Collège Le Clos Saint Vincent