Mallika Taneja

Be careful

Be careful, Malika Taneja © Claudia Pajewski
Be careful, Malika Taneja © Claudia Pajewski

20.06.24 — 20:00


A skirt that’s too short, a shoulder too bare, a neckline too plunging... To those who suggest that sexually-abused women are responsible for what happens to them, Indian artist Mallika Taneja responds in a gritty, satirical piece. Putting her money where her mouth is, she demonstrates the absurdity of sexist discourses, with the uncompromising humor of activists!

Mallika Taneja lives and works out of New Delhi, India. Through performances, installations and curatorial work, she explores questions of gender, solidarity, pleasure, rest and remembering. She is particularly interested in exploring political possibilities of performative ensembles and the role songs have to play in leaving and gathering traces of people, places and things. Some of her works and collaborative spaces include Be Careful, Allegedly, Rest of the Struggle, Zanana ka Zamana and Women Walk at Midnight and Sex Chat Room. She won the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize for Be Careful in 2015 and the ZKB Patronage Prize for Allegedly in 2021. Currently, she is touring her new solo production Do You Know this Song? that traces the journey of searching for a lost voice.