Professional resources


18.06.24 — 10:30


With the CN D Professional resources team

Come and ask us all your questions and discuss your career path: the development and structuring of a company or any other structure, regulations governing the performing arts or dance instruction, unemployment insurance and intermittence, job search, career changes and supporting structures, issues relating to physical, mental and social health in dance...

Legal and structuring

10:30 > 12:00 for campers
14:00 > 17:00 for professionals

Careers and career paths

10:30 > 13:00 for campers
16:00 > 17:00 for professionals

Dance, health and prevention

10:30 > 13:00 for campers
16:00 > 17:00 for professionals

With France Travail Scènes et Images Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

10:30 > 17:00

The France Travail Scènes and the Images Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes teams offers individual appointments aiming at providing professional development advice on topics such as integration into networks, professional training, support for multi-activity, and multiple status.