Mallika Taneja


© Camila Svenson
© Camila Svenson

17 > 21.06.24


Mallika Taneja lives and works out of New Delhi, India. Through performances, installations and curatorial work, she explores questions of gender, solidarity, pleasure, rest and remembering. She is particularly interested in exploring political possibilities of performative ensembles and the role songs have to play in leaving and gathering traces of people, places and things. Some of her works and collaborative spaces include Be Careful, Allegedly, Rest of the Struggle, Zanana ka Zamana and Women Walk at Midnight and Sex Chat Room. She won the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize for Be Careful in 2015 and the ZKB Patronage Prize for Allegedly in 2021. Currently, she is touring her new solo production Do You Know this Song? that traces the journey of searching for a lost voice. 

“In this workshop, we will think deeper into questions of protest and solidarity, through image, theatre, sounds and songs. What does protest look and feel like? How do we stand in solidarity? Sit in solidarity? What are the sounds and songs of protest... those we hear, those muzzled, those we would like to hear? We will begin with existing imagery, songs and sounds and then move towards and away from them. We will explore similarities and departures and search for our own protests and solidarities, through discussion, theatre explorations, walking, singing and sometimes... screaming disagreements.”