Tatiana Julien


© Aurélien Avril
© Aurélien Avril

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Tatiana Julien graduated from CNSMDP and the University of Paris 8, and she has worked with Thomas Lebrun, Olivier Grandville and Boris Charmatz. She also created her own pieces, in theatre and in situ, with both professional and non-professional dancers, and interrogating how artists engage with the world around them as well as the place of the citizen/spectator. Involving the audience in her pieces, Julien’s work on stage delineates the fantasy of a contaminating dance, which provokes empathy. She has created over a dozen pieces since 2012, as well as performances and installations, including Turbulence, Soulèvement, After, Not ending, Decay, Une nuit entière co-written with Anna Gaïotti… She is a member of the Apap – Feminist Futures network and she has received the support of Phénix scène nationale de Valenciennes within campus – a European program supporting creation, as well as espace des arts Chalon-sur-Saône and théâtre du Beauvaisis. 

“There’s one thing that seems to persist in each of my pieces: trembling, oscillation, a jolt. It’s the sensation of a body standing there, resisting the collapse of a world going to the dogs. I see this workshop as a boisterous aubade given at dawn, to resist a sleeping world. In long improvisations accompanied by Gaspard Guilbert’s music, we’ll move towards the embodiment of an energetic body in a state of constant startle, engaged in a flurry of gushing gestures: false alarm, pre-jump, these comings and goings that lead irresistibly to swaying in space, anchoring ourselves in the ground, getting closer in the long run to a shudder, to the collective shiver of the early winter morning, when the mist still existed.”