Justine Berthillot


© Justine Berthillot
© Justine Berthillot

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Justine Berthillot studied philosophy and trained at the CNAC, from which she graduated in 2013. She created pieces combining circus arts and dance, such as Noos, with Frédéri Vernier (2015) and On ne fait pas de pacte avec les bêtes, with Mosi Espinoza (2023). After the premiere of Est (“Sujet à vif” in the Avignon Festival in 2015), she founded her company, Morgane, with author Pauline Peyrade. They created Poings (2018), Carrosse (2019), and L’Âge de détruire (2024). She is now the sole director of the company and works on solo pieces like Notre forêt (2021) and Desorden (2022). She has been associate artist with Scène Nationale l’Espace des Arts since 2020, and she is currently doing a residency in the Lyon CN D (2023-2024). Her pieces combine formal research, physicality, transdisciplinarity and experimentation. 

Performing, between movement and storytelling 
How do you embody stories? Or invent new ones – engaging physically and finding the right words? We’ll be looking at how movement, physical states and emotions can open up onto a narrative, and vice versa. We’ll work on performing, navigating between choreographic and textual languages around fictional narratives and/or stories of selfhood.