Extinction Room

Sergiu Matis

Nicola Micallef © Teodora Simova
Nicola Micallef © Teodora Simova

21 > 23.03.24

CN D Pantin

The extinction in question here is that of birds. Romanian choreographer Sergiu Matis, in collaboration with composer AGF (Antye Greie-Ripatti), has created a multi-directional, immersive sound installation to denounce the dramatic decline of birds due to the climate crisis and massive changes in biodiversity. The audience is immersed into the heart of a musical landscape broadcasting the cries, calls and songs of extinct or endangered species, collected over several decades by an American ornithology laboratory and a Dutch foundation. Three performers, including the choreographer himself, guide visitors and, in the course of their interventions, raise awareness about the issue. Using scientific commentary and mythical tales evoking the history of these birds, as well as folk songs and dances, they raise awareness about past and future losses. Or how to make people hear, in a way that is as inspired as it is committed, the voice of a nature that man is determined to muzzle and destroy everywhere...