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Dance & age

DoPoDo day

19.09.23 — 10:00

CN D Lyon

Professional day initiated by KUMQUAT | performing arts in conjunction with the CN D, as part of the EU project DoPoDo (Dance On Pass On Dream On) co-funded by the Europe Créative programme. This one-day session is aimed at collectively exploring ways of working and inhabiting the stage once past 40.

10:00am >1:00pm
Dancers’ professional careers: what if ageing was an asset?

This first half, dedicated to dancers and choreographers, takes the form of experience feedback on the issue of performers’ on- and off-stage career over the years.

2:30pm > 5:00pm
The dancing body: a matter of gaze and identification?

Open to programmers and all dance-sector professionals, this round table will explore the visibility of age in dancing, accompanying the audience’s gaze and expectations, and how our relationship with age informs the creative process.