Katerina Andreou

Camping Workshop

19 > 23.06.23

CN D Lyon

Born in Athens, Katerina Andreou is based in France. Having graduated in law and then dance in Athens, she studied and researched choreography at the CNDC in Angers and the University of Paris 8. As a performer, she has worked with DD Dorvillier, Anne Lise Le Gac, Lenio Kaklea, Bryan Campbell, Dinis Machado, Emmanuelle Huynh, and Ana Rita Teodoro. She adopts a new physical practice for each project, researching states of presence that constantly juggle contrasting, sometimes even contradictory tasks, fictions
or atmospheres, often questioning the notions of authority and censorship. She writes the musical accompaniment for her works, and the soundtrack forms the basis of the theatrical elements. She was awarded the Jardin d’Europe prize at the ImpulsTanz festival in 2016 for her solo A kind of fierce. Her latest work is the solo Mourn Baby Mourn (2022). She is an associate artist at the CCN in Caen, Normandy until 2024.


“In this workshop, we will be working as if we were taking a leap and experiencing free fall for longer than usual. The idea is to really want to jump and to find ways of maintaining the surge of dopamine during the flight. First, we shall establish the states or postures
that correspond to the urgency of the moment. Next, we shall work on sustaining them and maintaining their relevance, using tools to emphasise, call into question and update our interest in ourselves and others – transforming, growing, cutting ourselves off, regenerating energy, making the most of the people and things around us, upping sticks and, no doubt some point – letting go.” 
Katerina Andreou