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Is dance afraid of collective representation?

Legal information

18.04.23 — 10:00

CN D Pantin

With Guillaume Sintès, associate professor of dance studies at the University of Strasbourg and maître Marc Robert, a lawyer specializing in collective and individual work relations.

What is a union? What are the scope and role of collective conventions? How have collective legal actions helped the status of dancers and choreographers to evolve? This informative session will be a group talk with specialists (legal advisers, layers, scholars,…) and dance professionals.


Erika Hess, Executive Director, Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes
Tristan Ihne, performer
Marc Robert, lawyer, specialist in collective and individual labour relations
Antoine Roux-Briffaud, performing artist
Guillaume Sintès, lecturer in dance at the University of Strasbourg and researcher
Nina Vallon, choreographer and performer


Samuela Berdah and Raphaëlle Petitperrin, legal information officers, CN D