Reading and
interpreting our back

Irénée Blin &
Noëlle Simonet

09 & 10.12.22

CN D Pantin

While Laban kinetography makes movement legible, AFCMD allows it to become embodied. Starting from dance sequences in the repertory, this workshop will explore how the back can move in many ways. We will investigate several contexts and adopt a global approach of the way movement is written, to increase legibility and facilitate the integration of the different coordinations involved in the act of interpretation. Two experts will lead the sessions, with one common goal: to combine the body and perception, awareness and individuality, in one choreographic sequence.

Noëlle Simonet is a dancer with the Ballet Théâtre Contemporain d’Angers, Ballet Théâtre Français de Nancy and the Ballet Théâtre du Silence, and she founded the Labkine Company in 1998 to develop projects in connection to the modern and contemporary repertories written in Laban kinetography. She teaches kinetography in the CNSMDP, as well as in the Royaumont Foundation, in the “Transforme” program which is directed by Myriam Gourfink. She also teaches in the NYC Dance Notation Bureau and is a Somatic Movement Educator specializing in Body Mind Centering.

Irénée Blin is a dancer and choreographer. She holds a diploma in Laban kinetography and AFCMD, and likes to combine both approaches in her research and choreographic creative work, in order to develop interdisciplinary and intermedial projects. She teaches AFCMD in various structures to professional dancers with multiple backgrounds and areas of expertise (ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop), among which Praxis#1, a program directed by Hervé Robbe in the Royaumont Foundation in 2020, and les orchestres Démos 95, 77, 78 and 60 in the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra since 2015.