Not just any body – a practical approach to dance medicine

Part 2: the upper body
Liane Simmel

02 > 04.12.22

CN D Pantin

With the collaboration of Accord cinétique

Knowing one’s body and being aware of anatomical interrelations can help dancers and dance instructors perceive and transmit the quality of movement in a healthier and respectful way. This workshop thus focuses on analyzing the body’s internal architecture, our unconscious habits when it comes to movement, and the participants’ individual anatomies. We will concentrate on the upper part of the body and the workshop will delve into anatomy and biomechanics, connecting concepts and a practical application of the theory.  

Liane Simmel is a physician, osteopath and sports psychology coach. She has been working as a dancer and choreographer for over 30 years. She now has her own medical practice and is head of the Dance Medicine Institute in Munich. She has been invited to lecture and teach in several universities and dance companies across Europe.