Vania Vaneau


Carnaval, Vania Vaneau, 2020 © CCN2 - Grenoble
Carnaval, Vania Vaneau, 2020 © CCN2 - Grenoble

16.06.22 — 20:30


Carnaval takes the form of a parade to appropriate the outdoor spaces of the SUBS.Made up of marches and immobilities, it creates a community of figures, ghosts, divinities or monsters belonging to another temporality who come to visit the present time. Through them, the invisible world will break through into everyday life. In this project, specially devised during the Camping week, choreographer Vania Vaneau will have guided the campers in the making of costumes and masks with ritualistic and pagan references from different cultures. The performanceparade reveals these new identities, as well as a continuity between bodies and materials.