of the Andy de Groat

andy de groat

23 > 27.05.22

CN D Lyon

The place of the performer in Andy de Groat’s work is the main theme of this training course. Three of the choreographer’s former collaborators take the participants on a journey through his rich, multifaceted and unique universe via three periods of his creative life: 1970, 1980 and 2000.

The CCINP - andy de groat is an association led by former collaborators of the choreographer. Its mission is to keep Andy De Groat's memory alive by transmitting the vivacity and curiosity inherent in his work. To reconstruct his universe through a research group that relies not only on the choreographer's archives but also on the living memory of those who met him. To preserve his work by creating transmission tools. To disseminate his work by remounting all or part of his pieces.

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