Andy De Groat, inspirations et libertés

Julia Busto dans
Julia Busto dans "Rope Dance Translation", chorégraphie d'Andy De Groat - Festival d’Automne à Paris, Musée Galliera (Paris) - 1974 / Fonds Gilles Hattenberger – Médiathèque du CN D

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CN D Pantin

In his work, as in his life journey, however, several salient features and characteristics speak more clearly than others of who this major artist was – an atypical figure in the dance landscape of his time – and of the quality and originality of his work. This is what this exhibition, based on the archives the choreographer donated to the CN D, wishes to show the public. Between New York and Montauban, from the Andrew Degroat dancers to the youth company Wah Loo Tin Tin co, via Red notes and the Groupe de recherches de l’Opéra de Paris, from friends Robert Wilson and Jerome Robbins to dancers still cultivating his heritage, from the purity of “spinning” to the multiple iterations of Fan dance, from the excesses of La Bayadère to those of La Folie d’Igitur, the exhibition will speak of his dual Franco-American roots and a form of nomadism, his consideration for performers and the loyalty of his friends, the importance music had for him and his collage or reworking processes, his recourse to counting and various writing or drawing practices, his openness to children and amateurs and his complex relations with the professional world, but also the coexistence in the same life of fame and isolation, prestige and economic difficulty.