Yuval Pick

Camping Workshop

14 > 18.06.21


Yuval Pick is a choreographer and has been artistic director of the Centre national chorégraphique de Rillieux-la-Pape since 2011. He has had a long career as a performer, teacher and choreographer. He trained at the Bat-Dor Dance School in Tel Aviv and then joined the Batsheva Dance Company in 1991, which he left in 1995 to embark on an international career with artists such as Tero Saarinen, Carolyn Carlson and Russell Maliphant. In 1999 he joined the Lyon Opera ballet before founding his own company, The Guests, in 2002. Since then, he has created works marked by an elaborate writing of movement, accompanied by significant collaborations with musical composers in which, in a form of ritual, the dance proposes a constantly questioned balance between the individual and the group.

Practice – A method, a philosophy
Yuval Pick proposes to introduce participants to his method, Practice. By considering each movement as a manifestation of the self, materialised by a precise intention, Practice reveals and exalts the creativity of the performers, unsettling their relationship with the body. The method explores the possibilities of a dancing body freed from a form of rectitude through precise exercises, work on the inner spiral, rotation from the centre to the periphery and the transfer of weight. It expands the physical and creative potential of those who practice it. Practice is also a method to be explored collectively. The “space-in-between” becomes a space of play that is modified, reorganised and invented.