Video exhibition

Galerie des portraits

24 > 28.06.19

CN D Lyon

The CN Ds Nouvelle cinémathèque de la danse Portraits collection presents the work of vari- ous choreographers in half-hour montages of extracts from performances focusing on a particular aspect from the wealth of dance material. This exhibition of films presents 2 portraits that are screened continuously in the Camping meeting space: Daniel Linehan, rythme et langage and Lisbeth Gruwez, de l’endurance.


Lisbeth Gruwez, endurance, 30 minutes

Since she started writing her own choreographies, after being a talisman performer during the great years of Flemish dance, in particular with Jan Fabre, Lisbeth Gruwez has pressed on into the same zone: the exhaustion of gestures, the endurance of movements. Everything must persist and resist. Whether it be with hilarious jerks (AH/HA), an undulating torso (Lisbeth Gruwez dances Bob Dylan) or the backwash of a wave (The Sea Within), the point is always to push movement beyond what is reasonable, as far hypnosis and, perhaps, trance. The bodies – both those of the performers and the spectators – struggle with fatigue, then get their respiration back, to breathe just so as to endure such a harsh duration.

Daniel Linehan, rhythm and language, 15 minutes

How to sum up Daniel Linehan? Rhythm and language. For this American choreographer, born in 1982 and based in Brussels since his years of training at P.A.R.T.S., what is evocative about us is what gives meaning and rapidity to our gestures. Sometimes these are just murmurs, decomposed syllables or groans (Digested Noise) and sometimes phrases by Hugo Ball or Plato. Sometimes, it is a constantly repeated sentence (Not About Everything) and, other times, words which the dancers shake up to the rhythm of lights that go on / go out. But, each time, language is the place where gestures discover a reason to be born and to invent subtle discourses full of retakes and interruptions.