Produit d’autres circonstances, 2009

Xavier Le Roy

© Luc Vleminck
© Luc Vleminck

22.03.19 — 19:00

CN D Pantin

Ten years after Produit de circonstances, and at the request of Boris Charmatz, who took him at his word when he said: “you need just two hours to become a butō dancer”, Xavier Le Roy put on a new self-referenced solo which, this time, focused on the practically improvised apprenticeship of this dance form, which he does not master professionally. After some research carried out as an amateur, he relays how you can train to learn a foreign dance, by your own means (through videos found on the web, testimonies, books, etc…), while running the risk of displaying the failure of this attempt. Illustrated by these assorted documents, this non-professional demonstration examines apprenticeship in terms of economy and personal investment, as well as the possibility for attentive choreographers to leave behind their fields of expertise. Punctuated by several danced solos— improvised, rerun or imitated — the piece finally raises questions about the methods of apprenticeship and the transmission of a memory via a demonstration of humility shared intimately, which avoids neither doubts nor hesitations.