Self Unfinished, 1998

Xavier Le Roy

Self Unfinished © Kartin Schoof
Self Unfinished © Kartin Schoof

20.03.19 — 19:00

CN D Pantin

On a stage stripped down to the essential, with a chair and a desk as the only furnishings, a human being, initially occupied by mechanical movements and sounds, interrupts these automatisms to activate a ghetto blaster. In this magisterial solo, one of the most famous pieces by Xavier Le Roy, the performer’s body becomes transformed, until it reaches a radically organic state and can be experienced as a mass which is quite simply alive, at the crossroads between the vegetable, animal and human. From torsions to tensions, and from folds to flats, Xavier Le Roy breaks away from established orders, as in a “body without organs”, that figure dear to both Artaud and Deleuze; in other words, freely disorganised. During these metamorphoses, the body also reveals the full extent of its plastic potential, as a hybrid, unstable being, uprooted from its social significations. Gripped in a stretching-out of time, requiring attention at each instant, it offers a spectacle of its singularities, fully liberated from the dualities that normally define it (nature/culture, subject/object, human/machine…).