Oskar Schlemmer, l'homme et la figure d'art

In early 20th-century Germany, Oskar Schlemmer, painter, sculptor, dancer and choreographer, one of the most innovative creators of the Bauhaus school, developed a radical approach leaning towards abstract theatre.

This book provides different perspectives on the work of Schlemmer, from scholars – a blend of history, psychoanalysis and philosophy – and also from dancers and choreographers who reconstructed his dances or drew inspiration from his work.

It begins with two previously unpublished texts by Oskar Schlemmer on the stage and Triadic Ballet and ends with an analysis on what links Schlemmer’s thoughts to the current dramatic changes driven by digital technology.

Authors: Oskar Schlemmer, Corinne Diserens, C. Raman Schlemmer, Claire Rousier, Dirk Scheper, Véronique Fabbri, Didier Plassard, Pierre-Damien Huyghe, Claude Rabant, Daniel Dobbels, Mark Franko, Marc Lawton, Marilén Iglesias-Breuker, Sally Jane Norman.