La danse en solo. une figure singulière de la modernité

There are more and more solo performances in the European scene. How can this be explained?

Coming up with practical or economic reasons is clearly not enough. While today’s choreographers question the spectacle and the spectacular, is solo dance the perfect place for aesthetic renewal and experimentation? Since it first appeared in the early 20th century, along with modern dance, it kept on materialising in various forms, often tinged with a political or ideological dimension. What meaning can be given to that emergence? Why is the dancer attracted to that form of solitary creation?

In this collection of essays, dance theorists and practitioners provide an insight into the many interpretations of the danced solo.

Authors: Eugenia Casini Ropa, Catherine Diverrès, Dominique Dupuy, João Fiadeiro, Isabelle Ginot, Christine Greiner, David-Alexandre Guéniot, Mathilde Monnier, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jean-Marie Pradier, Bernard Rémy, Claire Rousier, Rebecca Schneider, Élisabeth Schwartz, Mark Tompkins, Claudia Triozzi.