Être ensemble.
Figures de la communauté en danse depuis le xxe siècle

In what way is “being together” at stake in dance? What are the connections between choreographic art and the very notion of community? From Monte Verità to Dartington Hall, from post-modern dance to butoh, from body culture in Germany to the art of movement in the Soviet Union, dance never stopped taking a part – in various, sometimes contradictory ways – in the development of collective imagination.

By studying dance leading figures of the 20th century and contemporary practices, covering wide geographic areas and combining several research methodology, the purpose of this collection is not so much to identify a topic, both rich and complex, as to open it and raise new questions.

Writings by: Funmi Adewole, Inge Baxmann, Ramsay Burt, Ann Daly, Jean-Louis Déotte, Susan Leigh Foster, Mark Franko, Isabelle Ginot, Andrée Grau, Yves Guilcher, Myriam Van Imschoot, Marion Kant, Kuniyoshi Kazuko, Isabelle Launay, Nicoletta Misler, Larraine Nicholas, Christine Roquet, Claire Rousier, Élisabeth Schwartz, Gerald Siegmund, Harald Szeemann.