Danse contemporaine et littérature, entre fictions et performances écrites

How to enter the factory of contemporary dance through the notion of literature or text? Today, can we think literary art based on choreographic art?

Although contemporary dance is not disconnected from a literary tradition that provided multiple topics to ballet, it still establishes a new relationship with the text. Multiple collaborations between writers and choreographers testify to this, whether they imply the use of texts as part of the creation process or the presence of writers on the stage.

This collective work, the first one entirely dedicated to the intersections between contemporary dance and literature, reveals a landscape filled with experiences, both diverse and open. Taking the text off its hinges, reversing the reading direction: this is the theoretical and critical challenge of this book on the word and the gesture, the written and the incorporated.

This book is part of a programme called: Les contemporains. Littérature, arts visuels, théorie and was supported by Idex project organised by ‘Sorbonne Paris Cité’ association of universities and higher education institutions and the ‘Centre chorégraphique national’ in Tours.