Restaurant MINGWAY


Mingway was born from the association between Ernest and the “Famille Populaire”. Ernest is a broad network of solidarity chefs who have chosen to increase their bills by a few centimes so as to finance local food aid programmes; in 2018 Ernest handed out baskets of organic fruit and vegetables to 60 families in the East of Paris every week for a year; the same programme will be launched in Bordeaux next month.

Florent Ciccoli (chef at the Café du Coin, 1st Fooding and Omnivore Prize in 2019 in its category, owner of the Jones restaurant) and Grégory Back (owner of the restaurants Les Pères Populaires, La Vierge, and Le Café du Coin) are the sponsors associated with this new adventure.

Grégory and Florent have been solidarity restaurateurs since 2015, and stand up for high-quality popular cooking, which is recognised by the profession, and innovative in its approach to the relationship with restaurant clients.

Eva Jaurena, the founder of Ernest, is the manager of the Mingway restaurant.

The open, luminous building of the CN D and all its team are delighted to welcome Mingway so as to share each day with you some coffee, lunch, a drink, dinner, or brunch…


Mingway’s watchwords are a democratisation of gastronomy thanks to affordable prices, a rigour when it comes to the quality of its everyday products, as well as an open, convivial space, buoyed up by a young team.


CN D: Can you define Mingway in a few words?
In the CN D, which is an exceptional environment and space, with great food and first-class ingredients, which is why we chose a ridiculously talented chef, a place open to everyone, to eat and drink, suited to small budgets, for the residents of Pantin, for dancers, the family and friends.

CN D: Why this talk of a “Solidarity Restaurant”?
Because, of course, the restaurant will take part in the Ernest solidarity collective! Each bill will increased by a few centimes which will finance the distribution of good-quality vegetables to families in precarious situations in Paris. What’s more, our kitchen will remain open to Ernest, so as to organise cookery workshops, meals for deprived people, and any other associative initiative.

CN D: Why have you decided to open a restaurant?
I spent five years developing Ernest, I collaborated with lots of chefs, worked in the kitchen, organised numerous events... Opening a place which would mean being able to transmit on a daily basis the association’s energy was a natural step.
It’s also a place which we want to fit into the neighbourhood’s rhythms, while inviting our chef friends into the kitchen: on Saturdays and some evenings, we will thus be welcoming cooks from other restaurants and will set up a dynamic culinary programme.