Danses partagées

06 & 07.10.18

CN D Pantin

6 workshops with the dancers of the Rosas company

6 & 7.10 / 2pm
By Laura Maria Poletti & Yuika Hashimoto

Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich was Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s first piece. Fase is made up of three duets and a solo, all choreographed on works by Steve Reich, the pioneer of American repetitive music. De Keersmaeker used Reich’s musical structures to develop her own gestural language, which complements the music, rather than doubling it. Dance and music explore the same structural principle: the “phase shift” inside the play of repetitions.

6 & 7.10 / 2pm
By Bryana Fritz

With Drumming, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker takes the score even further, while respecting its spirit: the choreographic complexity germinates from a single danced phrase, submitted to a multitude of mutations in time and space. It is only after the percussions have fallen silent and the bodies become immobile that the spectators realise what they have just experienced: an astonishing journey, a wave of sounds and dance in a total purity, a whirlwind of life’s energies.

Rosas danst Rosas
6 & 7.10 / 4pm
By Laura Maria Poletti & Yuika Hashimoto

A genuine reference in the history of postmodern dance, Rosas danst Rosas deepens the minimalist vein opened up with Fase: abstract movements make up the basis of a rich choreographic counterpoint dominated by repetition. On Thierry De Mey’s and Peter Vermeersch’s rhythmic loops – a repetitive music which they describe as being maximalist – the expressive vehemence of the movements is contradicted by the triviality of little, everyday gestures. 

6 & 7.10 / 4pm
By Johanne Saunier

Over thirty-five years ago, the Rosas company became famous for its show Rosas danst Rosas. Since then, this choreography has been presented worldwide. From this piece, a participatory project has been born: on the choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and the dancer Samantha van Wissen teach the movements of the second part, step by step. Amateur dancers all around the world are then invited to dance and share their videos on this site. Come along and participate in this uninterrupted movement!

A Love Supreme
6.10 / 4pm
By Bryana Fritz

A Love Supreme – after the album of the same name by John Coltrane – has been choreographed for a quartet or men by Salva Sanchis and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, based around their shared fascination for this legendary music. Using a few elementary musical structures, Coltrane and his musicians transcend all the limitations of improvisation and conquer a territory of heady liberty, with dance in this case attempting to provide a literal translation of it. 


7.10 / 4pm
By Ursula Robb

Written on Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians (1976), Rain is one of the key moments in Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s career. With this show of an exceptional vitality, De Keersmaeker returned in 2001 to two of her great loves: “pure dance” and Steve Reich’s minimalist music. Mathematised forms, ceaseless repetition, the geometric use of space, and the art of permanent variation; thus, everything that had become a signature of this choreographer was amplified to reach a head-spinning height. Rain treats the group of dancers as a community in fusion, but in which each person plays a particular role.

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