Salia Sanou

25 > 29.06.18


Born in 1969 in Burkina Faso, Salia Sanou trained in the theatre and African dance before joining Mathilde Monnier’s company in 1993. He has created Au-delà des frontières (2012), Clameur des arènes (2014) for the Festival Montpellier Danse, and Doubaley ou le miroir in 2013. In 2016, he created Du Désir d’horizons (2016), subsequent to the workshops he had led for three years in the refugee camps of Burkina Faso and Burundi. In 2018, with the creation cycle entitled Multiple-s, he invited the writer Nancy Huston, the choreographer Germaine Acogny and the musician David Babin to join him on stage, for three face-to-face encounters. With Seydou Boro, he founded and directs the biennial Dialogues de Corps in Ouagadougou as well as La Termitière, a centre for choreographic development which opened in 2006.

The question of the Other is at the heart of Salia Sanou creative work and researches, and will be the leading light of this workshop. With his project Multiple-s several artistic disciplines confront each other: literature, music, and scenic space. The question of the duet,a confrontation, or a face-to-face will be at the centre of the working process. This re ection clearly underli es the question of otherness, or the “strange stranger”. Choreographing, dancing, singing, or reading in a group do not involved the same dynamic as proceeding in twos. The workshop thus offers an examination of the intimate Other in his/her relationship with the collective.