Nadia Beugré

25 > 29.06.18

La Villette

Nadia Beugré started out in dance at the Dante Theatre, where she explored traditional dances from the Ivory Coast. With Béatrice Kombé, she set up the Tché-Tché company in 1997. She then created the solo piece Un espace vide: Moi. After training with Outillages Chorégraphiques (the École des Sables de Germaine Acogny in Senegal), in 2009 she did the Exerce master’s at the CCN in Montpellier. She created Quartiers Libres (2012), Legacy (2015), Tapis Rouge (2017) and is currently working on her next pieces Roukasskass
Club (2018) and L’Homme Rare (working title – 2019). Nadia Beugré has worked with the creators Seydou Boro, Alain Buffard, Dorothée Munyaneza and Boris Charmatz.

The question of gender has always been an underlying part of Nadia Beugré’s work, but her desire to deal with it more directly only arose recently. She found it amusing to see how some men were embarrassed about taking on certain dances which are called feminines, or at least are judged to be so, among other reasons because of their predominant use of the but-tocks. As though swaying the hips, and moving the pelvis and loins, might undermine their rigidly constructed masculinity. This workshop is a moment of research into this intimate construction of gender, and of its supposed attributes. Among other experiments, Nadia Beugré will work on the emotional and bodily states that traverse us, take hold of us, leading one to another, then interweave.