Gerard & Kelly

18 > 29.06.18

La Villette , MC93 — maison de la culture de Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny

With Forty Smooth

With influences in minimalist dance, institutional critique, and queer theory, Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly create installations and performances at the frontier between dance and contemporary art. Recent exhibitions and performances of their work have been presented by the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Centre Pompidou (Paris), Guggenheim Museum (New York), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), and The Kitchen (New York), among other institutions. Their performance Reusable Parts/ Endless Love was presented at CN D in 2017 as part of the Festival d’Automne à Paris.

Performing Genders
18 > 22.06

This workshop is a transmission of Reusable Parts/Endless Love (2011, presented at the 
CN D in 2017) which, like gender, is an improvised score-based performance. Initially a response to another artwork (Tino Sehgal’s Kiss), the project has since become a tool for us to explode received notions of gender and sexualtiy, a machine to produce intimacies we could never choreograph. We will discuss the theory that generated our procedures and then embody this knowledge by re-doing and re-signifying the score/gender.

P.O.L.E. People / Objects / Language / Exchange
25 > 29.06

What is the political potential of pole dancing? Why are questions of sexuality and gender often sequestered from those of race, class and nation? Led in collaboration with American dancer Forty Smooth, this workshop structures a reflection on entangled identities through embodied practices includ- ing pole dancing. We will learn basic skills of pole-dance, explore improvisations mediated by the pole, and enact a performance score that incorporates and reverberates those events at the margins of discourse. The workshop is also a place to rest, to relax into a soft but incisive space where the critical potential of intimacy can be tested.