Volmir Cordeiro

21.03.18 — 20:30


What is a dancer doing when he communicates with the spectators? He reaffirms the boundaries separating the stage from the auditorium by crossing them. By bringing about an interruption, a rupture, a break, the communication leads to a back-and-forth between stage and auditorium. It creates an intermediate space for a relationship between people for the duration of a performance. By communicating with them, the dancer is addressing the public. He declares himself directly to the other person and asks the other person to declare themselves, or to act, in other words, to abandon the ‘immobility’ of the gaze and become active. This becoming active is an invitation for the spectators to immerse themselves in the action and possibly to feel a sense of power; it transforms them. This selection of visual documents created by Volmir Cordeiro from the collections of the Nouvelle Cinémathèque de la Danse, contains all forms of communication, and thus of addressing, testifying to the types of relationship that can be forged between dancer and spectator: through speech, the gaze, attention, impact, attraction and provocation.